Google, Astronomy, Tools, More: Morning Buzz, December 26, 2011

Nice one from Search Engine Roundtable: a Christmas logo roundup.

Hadn’t heard of this tool before: cc:to me. E-mail yourself content from anywhere, with functionality available as a bookmarklet. Free, but paid accounts are “coming soon”.

The Google Books lawsuit…. it’s baaaaack….

Wow: touring Mars with very detailed images.

New(ish) Web site ranks Colorado schools.

Presidents: the Poughkeepsie Journal reports that the Pare Lorentz Center at the Franklin D. Roosevelt Presidential Library has created an online database of Franklin D. Roosevelt’s daily schedule.

Tip for geneaologists: how to geolocate your pictures of headstones and memorials on Google Maps.

An interesting collection from University of Nebraska-Lincoln: a database of bird songs collected on organic farm land.

Astronomy archives: the Royal Astronomical Society of Canada has launched an online archive of David Levy’s log books.

A new option for cloud-based video editing: WeVideo. Good morning, Internet…

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