Motocross Results Back to 1972 Released in Online Archive

Motocross Results Archive

Motocross Results Archive

Hat tip to Cycle News for the tip that Racer X Online had released the beta version of The Vault, an online archive of Motocross results going back to 1972. The new site is available at but the data is still being cleaned up.

The information available here is browsable by year, venue, rider, and brand. (If you want an overview of the history of motocross, browse by year. You’ll get pictures and context of the sport for each year.) I took a look at the venue results. I got an A-Z index of venues — from Agency Motocross to Zoar Motor Park. Choosing one of them takes me to a list of events at that venue, with links to different types of race results (MX, MX Lites, 250, etc.) Choosing one of those gives you a table of results including rider name, bike type, and hometown. You can click on the rider name or the bike type and get a list of results for that individual or brand. Results span from 1972 to 2011, though there is not a capsule overview for the year 2011.

For more information on motocross, back up to This site has news, multimedia, interviews, and a “fan guide” that includes a motocross FAQ (very handy for me.) Congratulations to Racer X Online for having a Web site that’s pretty slick (peeled corner, really fancy dropdown menu, etc) without being dysfunctional/irritating. the only suggestion I would have would be to do more crosslinking of Racer X content into the results database. For example, if I see Ryan Villopoto in a listing of race results, it would be great to have an immediate link to the variety of Racer X content about him. Even a clickable link to site search results would be useful.

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