Pi, Google, Databases, More: Morning Buzz, December 27, 2011

I am really, really excited that Raspberry Pi is launching next month.

Wow, check out these crazy infographics: what happens online in 60 seconds.

Are you a not-for-profit? Do you want free media monitoring services? CyberAlert wants to help you out.

Databases I didn’t know existed, part 2572581: the one tracking elephants in captivity.

Is Google giving their own tools top billing in travel searches? Bing does this too (in conjunction with Kayak) and there’s not nearly as much of a hullabaloo. Danny talks about this (in some serious depth). I tend to agree with him; if you have a problem with Google doing this, you should have a problem with Bing doing it. And if you have a problem with Google doing it because of how much more traffic Google has, then you have another, larger, should-be-addressed-instead problem with Google.

Nice! Protect your camera from thieves for a one-time fee of $10.

Wow, that’s specific (and potentially useful): movie scenes for English language learners. Good Morning, Internet…

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  1. I get my ResearchBuzz updates email in Yahoo. Today when I opened it it wouldn’t quit loading (as per the spinning icon on my cursor,) it still hasn’t finished… What’s in it that has it loading for so long? All the text and links are there.

    • Hi Marika, I don’t know. Feedburner sends out the updates… maybe despite the fact you could see everything, the e-mail didn’t completely load….

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