Google, Hawaii, Genealogy, More: Morning Buzz, January 4, 2012

Morning Buzz

Coming January 20th: a digital archive on the topic of 20th century Latin American and Latino art.

Hmm, interesting. “China’s top search engines are now required to post the links of five state-owned banks at the top of every search page.”

The state of Hawaii has announced a directory of Green Employers (described in the announcement as those “who work in areas such as renewable energy production and natural resource conservation.”)

Dick Eastman notes a new Facebook page to aggregate blogs and sites about French history.

Another nice one from TechCrunch: an entry on WhatsOutt, which provides release dates on all kinds of media (DVDs, video games, etc.) as well as (in-theater) movie releases.

Oo! Thanks to Metafilter for the pointer to the archive of 78s issued in Russia.

Google has gotten a bunch of IBM patents.

More Google: SearchReSearch takes a close look at Google’s FlightSearch tool.

Nice! Mocavo now has a UK version.

Handy tool overview how to add watermarks to images (as well as remove them (There’s also a discussion about the ETHICS of removing watermarks.) Good morning, Internet…

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