Yahoo, Google, Strawberries, the Census, More: Morning Buzz, January 5, 2012


Yahoo has hired PayPal president Scott Thompson as CEO. I don’t know how I feel about this. It seems to me that Yahoo needs someone who has a lot of experience with content companies; Yahoo is struggling to remain relevant. On the other hand Scott Thompson’s background makes him out to be a tech guy, and the tech people at Yahoo need more love.

Hey! Welcome to Hadoop 1.0. has announced some new features.

The Small Business Administration has announced a new small business primer course for Native Americans. It’s online here. (Free but you do have to register.)

GetVega is just out of beta and sounds pretty cool. It sounds like Pinterest for lists.

Google News is launching an elections section. I guess this is separate from the entire site.

Extremely random but yummy: the California Strawberry Commission has a new recipe blog.

The Penn Museum is launching an online collections database.

I know there are some Microsoft Flight Simulator junkies out there, so I thought I’d give you a heads-up. Microsoft Flight — the successor to Simulator — is
going freemium. Good morning, Internet…

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