Get Your Jazz Quotes in a New Web Site


Matt Mullenweg is starting off 2012 right, with a new Web site devoted to jazz quotes. (This site is for quotes by jazz legends, not necessarily quotes about jazz.) The site is available, strangely enough, at

I like the presentation on the front page, with several jazz legend photographs with a name/number next to each one. The number is the count of quotes available for that particular artist. There are also several names below the listings with no pictures, but with numbers.

I looked at quotes for Jaco Pastorius, Sun Ra, and Frank Zappa. Each artist’s page I saw had a list of their quotes, a picture, and a form for submitting more quotes. The Zappa page had just one quote (“Jazz is not dead, it just smells funny”) but other pages had dozens (Miles Davis’ page has 26 quotes.)

This isn’t an exaustive collection by any means, but the selection and the presentation are both great.

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