Google, New York, Laura Bassi, More: Morning Buzz, January 11, 2012

The latest company to offer a photo sharing service is…. Warner Brothers?

Google Body has gone Zygote.

Wow, a test drive of in, of all places, the Wall Street Journal.

Search Plus Your Germs: “The researchers reported a strong correlation between a rise in Internet searches for flu information, compiled by Google’s Flu Trends tool, and a subsequent rise in people coming into a busy urban hospital emergency room complaining of flu-like symptoms.”

The Laura Bassi archives are going online. “Laura Bassi was born in 1711 and died in 1778. She was the second woman to receive a university degree in Europe and the first to be offered an official teaching position in any European university.”

Ambitious: an attempt to “map the oceans” with TheBlu. (Looks like a game/social network/knowledge pool mushup. (Two elements is a mashup. More than two is a mushup.))

Google is mapping more indoor places.

Speaking of maps, this announcement: “rbView-3 satellite images collected around the world between 2003 and 2007 by Orbital Imaging Corporation (now GeoEye) at up to one-meter resolution can now be downloaded at no cost through USGS EarthExplorer.”

Bicycling in the state of New York? You’ve got more options for information.

Using Google Translate with a microphone. Hilarity, as you might expect, ensues. Good morning, Internet…

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