Google, Virginia, the Government: Afternoon Buzz, January 14, 2012

Robert Hof: Did Google CEO Larry Page Just Make His First Big Mistake?. I’m not sure it was a mistake so much as a case of a very very very very huge company developing a tin ear. (In other words, symptomatic of a larger issue.)

Meanwhile Alexandra Petri merrily slags Google in her column. Amongst all the smart remarks and experiments to see how far you can stretch a metaphor until it snaps, however, is this chilly little ice cube of a paragraph: Ever since Google started to cultivate a robust lobbying presence, I worried. That’s generally a sign that innovation is on its way out and litigation is on its way in.

The state of Virginia has launched a new tool to help track car crashes.

Wow, scary. Interesting to see how this will develop: Google and Mocality.

The White House has announced a new Web site that aggregates information for small businesses and entrepreneurs. Keep an eye out for, launching in a few weeks.

Nice. “Library and Archives Canada is pleased to announce a major update to its online database ‘Upper Canada Land Petitions (1763–1865).’…Furthermore, Library and Archives Canada is pleased to announce the addition of the digitized images of the Upper Canada land petitions from 326 microfilm reels, representing 357,831 new images to its website.”

Have you read this article from ProPublica about the Research Works Act? I know I try to avoid political commentary in this blog but I would like to invite the Research Works Act to [REDACTED REDACTED]. Good afternoon, Internet…

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