Google, Cars, Fossils: Morning Buzz, January 17, 2012

There’s a new Q&A site to compete with Quora! Beepl is now out of private beta.

Temple University has a new archive chronicling the civil rights movement in Philadelphia.

Soon to be an online museum! “Darwin’s fossils rediscovered in cabinet”.

Stanford is going to digitize the Collier Collection. “The collection’s library owns 1 million items — rooms and rooms of archives. Those include every issue of some magazines, such as the hard-cover auto historian’s bible, Automotive Quarterly, and the first edition of the early British racing journal, Autocar.”

Google’s been busy mapping campuses! Yesterday I read announcements from SF State and the University of Delaware. (Nice pic, UD!)

Also speaking of Google: it’s teaming up with the World Bank.

Ever wanted to ask something of the US Department of State? Here’s your chance. Good morning, Internet…

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