State of Maine Releases Database of Prisoners and Probationers

The state of Maine has made publicly available a database of adult prisoners and probationers in the state. It is available here.

You can search for people in an incredible variety of ways, not just by name but also by eye or hair color, offense type, physical characteristic (scar, tattoo, etc.), height range, weight range, or type of offense.

I did a search and found that 38 adult prisoners and probationers in the state of Maine have, according to this database, blue hair. But I also found out that the data probably need to be checked. Most the records I looked at showed people who did not have blue hair. In many cases the eyes were listed as blue and the hair as blue also. Now some of people might have grown their hair out — but I very much doubt that the 50+ guy with the DUI, no tattoos or distinguishing markings, has or had blue hair. Just seems unusual. (Searches for pink and orange hair, a color which is generally not associated with eye color, found zero people. A search for purple hair found one person. Meanwhile a search for green hair found seven people. Go figure.)

Anyway, search results include a MDOC number, name, picture (most of the time, and even for people who are on probation), date of birth, race and gender, earliest date possible for release from supervision, and “Location,” which appears to be a metro area, not a specific address/city.

Individual profiles have a larger picture, physical description, convictions (not, the database notes, a complete criminal history), and whatever conditions necessary for their supervision (no alcohol, drug testing, etc.)

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