Cars, Montana, The Pentagon, Twitter, More: Morning Buzz, February 9, 2012

Motor Trend has launched its own YouTube channel. “The Motor Trend Channel’s programs have been developed to create content from the unique opportunities and insights offered by SIM’s large portfolio of automotive media brands, from Motor Trend to Hot Rod, Motorcyclist, Lowrider, FourWheeler, Dirt Rider, Car Craft, Automobile, Import Tuner and more. The programs cover first rides and drives and tests of the latest two- and four-wheeled machinery, as well as automotive lifestyle and documentary shows.”

Fipeo, a new video social network. The article describes it like this: “People with complementary interests find that video and respond in kind. Connection are formed and the new acquaintances carry on the relationship.” Sadly I can imagine this getting real weird (in a negative way) real quick….

Nice! The Montana State Library and its digitization effort.

The IRS has a new online tool to help low- and moderate- income tax payers find prep help. “The new tool, available 24 hours a day on, makes it easier than ever for qualified individuals to find free help through the IRS Volunteer Income Tax Assistance (VITA) program. Volunteers at VITA locations generally offer tax preparation for people with incomes of $50,000 or less free of charge.”

Interesting. A database of software made in Australia and New Zealand. Already over 100 entries.

Followup: the Pentagon Press Secretary and the Twitter Town Hall.

The 2012 Republican Convention has an official Twitter account. (Please note that I am including this for informative purposes, not as an endorsement. Don’t expect an endorsement unless the Silly Party has a convention….)

There’s a great blog that covers “forgotten” movies, as well as weekly DVD releases of old movies from Warner. Check it out at Good stuff.

Twitter breaks down the Superbowl tweet numbers. “…in 2008, Twitter’s largest spike in Tweets per second (TPS) during the Super Bowl was just 27. Three years later, fans sent 4,064 TPS, which was the highest TPS for any sporting event at that time. This year, the TPS peak was 12,233 Tweets.”

Lady Gaga is launching her own social network. Closed beta. Good morning, Internet…

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