China, Google, Chemistry, Civil War, More: Morning Buzz, February 17, 2012

China has published a national bribery blacklist.

Whoopsie! was accidentally getting flagged as malware.

I know someone who will be very interested in this new archive about Polynesian voyaging. “If he had known what a complex undertaking it would be, Nainoa Thompson says now, he might not have asked Honolulu Community College to create a digital library of documents related to the Polynesian Voyaging Society.”

A new search engine oriented toward privacy: Stealth.

Heh, applying Google PageRank to chemistry: “Aurora Clark, an associate professor of chemistry at Washington State University, has adapted Google’s PageRank software to create moleculaRnetworks, which scientists can use to determine molecular shapes and chemical reactions without the expense, logistics and occasional danger of lab experiments.”

The new version of Twitter (the new new version of Twitter) has been rolled out for everybody.

Can’t get to Arizona? Now there’s virtual Arizona!

Ancestry is offering free access to its Japanese internment camp record collections from now through February 23.

Wow: a very interesting Civil War diary published: “Diaries belonging to a Civil War soldier who witnessed the assassination of President Abraham Lincoln have been digitized and published by UC Merced’s Kolligian Library.”

A new Web site provides information on New Jersey’s same-day surgery centers.

New Web site looks at Canada during the First and Second World Wars: “Wartime Canada is an online database that preserves historical Canadian documents from those wars and makes them accessible to the public….There are 400 documents online and an additional 3,000 to 4,000 to be uploaded in the coming months, with new material being added every day…”

Some amazing pictures: how Japan has rebuilt and cleaned up in the 11 months since the earthquake and tsunami. Astounding. Good morning, Internet…

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