Google, Genealogy, Thomas Jefferson in 3-D, More: Afternoon Buzz, February 25, 2012

I love Found in Wisconsin. Check out these portraits of scientists, courtesy of Increase Lapham.

Speaking of new search engines, I’m still waiting on OmegaSeek.

Like genealogy? Check out this brief and cute Q&A with Dick Eastman. “Now, for the first time, I am a homeless person and am enjoying it.”

Google is having a map your University competition. Good idea!

More Googly-oogly: it has launched latitude leaderboards without much fanfare. Maybe someone forgot to check in to Party City.

Now available: a Twitter directory for event professionals.

The Black Gotham Digital Archive sounds great. From the site: “The goal… is to link an interactive web site, smart phones, and the geographical spaces of Lower Manhattan and Brooklyn to create a deeper understanding of nineteenth-century black New York.”

A very cool article from Gizmodo: “According to The Creators Project, the Smithsonian has over 137 million pieces in its collection, but only enough room to display about 2 percent of them. So it’s turning to 3D printing to share as much as it can.” Hey Smithsonian, how about making that Thomas Jefferson pattern public domain, because I seriously want a mini of him on my bathroom counter. Good afternoon, Internet…

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