BBC, Wolfram|Alpha, Powdery Mildews, More: Morning Buzz, March 19, 2012

Did you see the Firefox logo for St. Patrick’s Day?

The BBC is set to monetize its back catalog with an online archive.

Interesting: using a wiki to develop individual action plans for asthma.

Wolfram|Alpha now has public and private school data. (30,000 private schools!) Ooh, and I missed the announcement at cat breeds too.

Jailbraking of new electronic devices is getting faster and faster. There’s a Moore’s Law in there somewhere.

More Wisconsin news: U of Wisconsin-Milwaukee has put its art collection online. “The collection, with works by Pablo Picasso, Marc Chagall, Georgia O’Keeffe, William Hogarth, Alexander Calder and many others, includes prints, drawings, paintings, sculptures and decorative art objects.”

Extremely specific database of the day: powdery mildew fungi. “So right now the database includes 693 species – that is all of them in the world. We have tools for identifying the powdery mildews based on host plant, on the structures produced by the powdery mildews and the DNA sequences.”

The University of Vermont has digitized its yearbooks. They are now available from 1886-1997 (the yearbook ceased in 1997.)

Because I don’t have enough to worry about: malware that goes straight to RAM. Good morning, Internet…

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