Twitter, Einstein, Ojibwe, More: Morning Buzz, March 20, 2012

The LA Times has an article on the new Albert Einstein archive. More details here.

Wondering why a particular message ended up in Gmail’s spam filter? You can now get a hint.

I’m looking forward to seeing whether PostPost’s new Timeline Topline feature helps me keep up with all the great content on Twitter. It drives me crazy that it’s so hard to keep up with Twitter and Facebook without sitting on them all day. How come I can timeshift practically every information stream I consume including TV and radio but not my social media? I miss ListiMonkey.

Speaking of 140 characters, NASA is having a news briefing today and is accepting questions via Twitter. “After reporters at the event ask questions, NASA will take as many questions as possible submitted on Twitter using the hashtag #askStation.” The Department of Energy is having a Twitter Q&A today also. What is it, Twitter Tuesday?

One more bit of Twitter news: using Twitter to predict financial markets. “A University of California, Riverside professor and several other researchers have developed a model that uses data from Twitter to help predict the traded volume and value of a stock the following day. A trading strategy based on the model … outperformed other baseline strategies by between 1.4 percent and nearly 11 percent and also did better than the Dow Jones Industrial Average during a four-month simulation.”

Fascinating breakdown on the Bing vs. Google “Wikipedia bias.”

The Census Bureau has launched a 1940 Census Web page.

Now available: the Ojibwe People’s Dictionary. It’s still under review, what we’d probably consider beta, so there might be a few blips here and there. In addition to listings there are also recordings of native speakers pronouncing words. The dictionary didn’t have what I wanted to look up so pardon me if I mangle it when I say minogigizhebaawagad, Internet…

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