Google, Maps, Fashion, More: Morning Buzz, March 22, 2012

Google has powered up its Docs spellchecker. “…To prove it, today we’re launching an update to spell checking in documents and presentations that grows and adapts with the web, instead of relying on a fixed dictionary.” This makes me want to start putting a bunch of weird words in my blog posts. Dictionary bombing?

Google, now with a “street view” of the Amazon rainforest.

Not everything’s on Google Maps, however. From Mashable here’s a list of ten things you’re not allowed to see on Google Maps.

Firefox is going to start using Google’s Secure Search by default.

Happy Sixth Birthday Twitter. “Twitter now has 140 million active users is seeing 340 million Tweets a day (more than double what it was last March).” Yow.

The state of Utah has a new database of child care providers.

Stanford has just gotten a huge collection of 13,000 road maps. Julie Sweetkind-Singer gets my vote for quote of the week (best use of the phrase “Sea Monster” division): “They’re still too new for people to think of them as old maps. There’s a much larger market for maps that are 200 years old that have sea monsters in them.”

Now available: a new archive of fashion drawings and sketches. “Made up over 5,000 original drawings, the collection [is] titled André Studios 1930-1941: Fashion Drawings & Sketches in the Collections of the Fashion Institute of Technology and the New York Public Library…”

Okay, the Dennis the Menace dental play kit made me fall out. Temple University has put all 4000 of the artifacts from its Temple Dental Museum into an online database. “Featuring Tommy, Dennis’ patient and friend.” Not for long! Good morning, Internet…

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