YouTube, Wolfram|Alpha, Facebook, PostPost: Afternoon Buzz, March 22, 2012

Ooo! You go Pro Publica! “If TV Stations Won’t Post Their Data on Political Ads, We Will.”

YouTube is now offering one-click video editing.

That search engine just gets more fun every day. Wolfram|Alpha now has plant data.

Impersonators on Pinterest.

A new source for live expert help: LiveNinja. (Currently in private beta.)

Ancestry.com has released a ton of Massachusetts-related records. “The Massachusetts, Town Vital Collections contains over 8.2 million records covering over 360 years.”

Amit Agarwal crunches some numbers and posits the total number of Google+ users at ….195 million, which feels too high. But so does 95 million. On the other hand, Google is now larger than the entire US newspaper industry.

Ooo nice. Search Facebook without logging in. (Thanks Meryl!)

Some thoughts on PostPost’s Timeline: like it a lot so far though I have about 100 suggestions to make it even better. It’s going to make it much, much easier for me to use Twitter. Now how about one for Facebook? :->

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