Portland, Card Catalogs, Google, Great Irish Famine, More: Morning Buzz, March 24, 2012

40 years of Portland, Oregon’s Annexation history, now online: “Records for each annexed area have been scanned and saved as digital files. These files are integrated with a geographic information system map layer of the region to create a searchable database that eases access to decades of public records.”

This sounds tasty: a new Issac Newton archive. “Israel’s national library has just digitised its archive of Newton’s handwritten religious writings and placed it online: it amounts to some 7,500 pages. ”

There’s a new version of TweetDeck.

Stephen Abram has a great list of infographics resources over on his blog. Thanks Stephen!

Google has a patent for serving mobile ads based on background noises. “The patent also describes using ‘temperature, humidity, light and air composition’ to produced targeted adverts.”

Humboldt County digital archive on the way: “The approximately 700 images taken by various Humboldt County photographers … will be available through the HSU Library’s website in August.”

A new online archive of stories from the Great Irish Famine… translated from French! “…the archive translates historic annals from the French language and pays tribute to the French-Canadian Sisters of Charity, or Grey Nuns, who cared for Famine emigrants in Montreal in 1847.”

Hmm… virtual copyright card catalog? “The long term plan is to capture index terms from the card images using OCR and keyboarding and to build indexes for online searching….As an interim step, the Copyright Office is considering making the images of the cards in the catalog available online through a hierarchical structure that would mimic the way a researcher would approach and use the physical card catalog. We’re calling this a virtual card catalog.” Dear LOC: OH YES I THINK SO. Good morning, Internet…

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