Google, Twitter, New Jersey, NYPL, MORE: Morning Buzz, April 8, 2012

Wired takes a look at Project Glass from Google. Am I the only one on Earth who doesn’t want these things anywhere near my eyes? I only have two and I don’t want to mess them up.

Wow, these are some crazy Amazon S3 stats. “By the end of the first quarter of 2012, there were 905 billion objects stored, and the service routinely handles 650,000 requests per second for those objects, with peaks that go even higher. To put that in perspective, that’s up from 262 billion objects stored just two years ago and up from 762 billion by Q4 2011.”

Twitter points you to some ways to make the baseball season better via Twitter.

I love to read about digital archives to help preserve dying languages. In this case it’s Arapesh.

WordPress 3.4 — now in beta!

Now available: a database of New Jersey attorneys (over 80,000 of ’em!) “The database includes the date of admission to the bar, the attorney’s status to practice law in New Jersey, and the county and municipality of the business office of practicing attorneys.”

Hmm… Resultly sounds like fun. “At its core, the stealth social search and notifications service is like ‘Google Alerts for the entire Internet’, he adds, noting that that’s the closest he and his international team come to describing Resultly in a nutshell.” (I thought Google Alerts was Google Alerts for the entire Internet.)

Nice! Open Font Library has a new version.

So excited to read about the massive digitization project at the New York Public Library. “The project, which began in January and will continue through 2014, will digitize documents from the Thomas Addis Emmet Collection, located within the Manuscripts and Archives Division, and almost all the papers of several major American authors in the Henry W. and Albert A. Berg Collection of English and American Literature at The New York Public Library.”

Wow: Google Searches Follow Economics. “Web searches by users in countries with higher per capita gross domestic products are more likely to be about the future than the past, a British study found.” Gonna dig into this one a little bit further. (More details in this story.) Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Gotta’ comment on the Google glasses. I thought they were an April Fools Day joke. No, I would not want them either. I can see the PSA now.. Don’t Google & Drive.

  2. Thanks for the share about Resultly. It sounds really cool. I use google alerts a lot at certain times and I am looking forward to using Resultly also.

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