Twitter Tool, Google, Invasive Plants, Wax Cylinders, More: Morning Buzz, May 2, 2012

The city of St. Augustine, Florida is going to get an online historical database of materials dating back to the 16th century. “Materials will include maps and overlays of the city, architectural drawings of historic structures and related government documents from Government House; Spanish documents, transcriptions and English language translations from the St. Augustine Historical Society…”

In case you missed it: Google announced Google Drive last week.

There’s a new tool available for managing invasive plants common to the midwest US.

Oooh, Google Lit Trips! This sounds fun. “Google Lit Trips are free downloadable files that mark the journeys of characters from famous literature on the surface of Google Earth.”

Pinterest now has a Flickr attribution tool. Hopefully more will follow…

The state of Oklahoma has redesigned its Web portal.

John Peel’s record collection has started its online release. Lots of buzz about this one.

A new tool for analyzing words, URLs, hashtags, etc in Twitter — TweetCharts. I gave it a quick try. Looked interesting.

The FCC is going to require TV stations to require posting information about political advertising spending online. “The Federal Communications Commission voted on Friday to require local television stations to put detailed information about political advertising including the cost of specific commercials on their websites.”

Very interesting… a new archive that documents Chinese immigrants in the northwest US. “This document collection includes names, dates and places where the remains of Chinese immigrant workers were systematically dug up across Oregon. This actually was a custom across the American West decades ago. Mostly bachelor Chinese laborers wished for their remains to be returned and reburied in their home villages.”

Gmail now has automatic message translation.

Fascinating… an archive of contemporary wax cylinders. Good morning, Internet…

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