Insects, Indonesia, Tennessee, Law School, More: Afternoon Buzz, May 14, 2012

Scott Thompson is gone, which you have probably heard, at Yahoo. Here’s a quick roundup on who’s in charge now. (Yahoo is a mess.)

Geofeedia: search social media by geographical location. Sounds like a great tool; unfortunately it’s got a pretty huge price tag.

Arizona State University is going to digitize its insect collection. “For the first time, the National Science Foundation (NSF) will provide funding to the university and nine other institutions to help digitize and network images and label data of 750,000 arthropod specimens.”

Two history professors are building a database of runaway slave advertisements. This looks like it’ll start with Mississippi and then expand outward. I hope they have an intern who’s searching the already extant digitized papers; there’s a wealth of information there.

LOVE projects like this. Indonesian street art — the digital archive.

The state of Tenneseee has a new jobs database.

More local newspapers being digitized. “Partnering 142 years of local newspapering with a year’s worth of new, state-of-the-art digital technology, the resulting “Digitizing Greencastle: Newspapers 1837-1979″ project was unveiled to the public Wednesday evening at the Putnam County Public Library.”

I’m not sure what the “real cost” of law school is, but there’s a new database available to help you calculate it. “Law School Transparency has unveiled a comprehensive database detailing a broad range of information designed to guide prospective law students about what they might be getting into — including school-by-school statistics about post-graduation employment and salaries; tuition rates; and student debt loads.” Good afternoon, Internet…

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