Google, Yokie, Twitter, Maine, Alabama, More: Morning Buzz, May 17, 2012

Have you seen Google Docs’ new research pane?

Check out this new search engine from Dublin: Yokie.

Twitter is now doing a weekly digest in your e-mail. Not sure how well this is going to work considering that I follow over 500 people on Twitter. I realize that’s chicken feed next to some of those folks who follow tens of thousands of people. Sigh. I miss Listimonkey.

Ooo, James Joyce getting into a digital archive!

The state of Alabama has revamped its Web site.

As has the state of Maine. Must be that time of year…

In private beta now… WhoGotFunded. Just what it sounds like, tracking which companies have gotten funding. “Once it comes out of beta, WhoGotFunded will offer tailored email alerts to let users know when a particular company closes funding, or when financing deals happen in a specific region or industry.” WAY surprising: “While there’s always the opportunity to create value-added features on top of the platform, which many people would likely pay for, there are no plans for monetization right now…”

A new milestone for The Encyclopedia of Life. “Profiles of more than one million species are now available at the click of a mouse, thanks to a splurge of images and other data provided by the Smithsonian Institution’s National Museum of Natural History in Washington DC.”

Need to pee? Charmin’s revamped “SitOrSquat” app now lists 119,000 restrooms in the US. Wow. Good morning, Internet…

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