NASCAR, Google, Olympics, Yale, More: Morning Buzz, May 19, 2012

I haven’t seen Google’s new Knowledge Graph yet. Writeup when I do.

Personalized search: another step forward. ” With little more than basic information about Web users’ behavior – that is, the hyperlinks they click on daily and the content at those sites – Susan Gauch can build a better search engine.” (By the way, I rarely make comments on someone’s appearance, but I love the picture of Susan Gauch on this page. Most academic pictures I see look supercasual or superformal — Ms. Gauch looks like she’s about to kick butt.)

The British Olympics / Olympians — now in digital archive format. “More than a century of British official agonising over the Olympics – from how to approach the 1936 Games being held in Berlin amid the rise of Nazism, to a doomed project to build an Olympic park in London’s then derelict Docklands in the 1980s – have been revealed on a website created by the National Archives at Kew.”

Speaking of history, Yale’s medical history is now a Facebook timeline. (There’s a Twitter account, too.)

Genealogy search engine Mocavo has landed $4M in VC capital.

The North Carolina Digital Library has revamped its Web site.

Twitter and NASCAR are teaming up.

Napoleon’s Post Mortem. ‘Nuf said. Okay, probably not… “Napoleon’s post mortem and a letter from Kipling are among recently discovered documents which feature in a new online archive. The historical items have been found in the collection of the Royal College of Physicians of Edinburgh.”

Hey! Sydney’s on HistoryPin! Good afternoon, Internet…

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