Texas, Georgia, Google, Firefox, FLEET OF AIRPLANES, More: Morning Buzz, June 9, 2012

The state of Texas has launched a mobile Web site.

Google has announced a ton of improvements to its Maps product.

And to implement some of these improvements? Fleet of airplanes. The next time that Google complains that it doesn’t have the wherewithal to accomplish something, someone should get in its face and scream “FLEET OF AIRPLANES!”

Estonia has funded an project to create an online database of folk costumes. “The Estonian Folk Costumes project, slated to receive 32,900 euros in ministry support this year, aims to finish the job by 2016, providing in-depth detail on traditional costumes, accessories and footwear worn by women, men and children.”

This will come in handy. “The U.S. Vote Foundation has launched an online portal that will enable absentee voters to register and request ballots with forms and information customized for each state.”

This sounds cool, but RealAudio? .. “The UC Berkeley Media Resources Center and the Pacifica Radio Archives are developing a new online audio collection devoted to women’s history. These recordings include interviews, panel discussions, literary and musical performances, news coverage, and other programing broadcast on various Pacifica affiliates (including Berkeley’s KPFA) between the mid-1950s and the 1980s.” 26 files now, more later.

The state of Georgia is now doing real time traffic updates via Twitter. Follow

Firefox! Now in Lucky 13 flavor.

The 1940 U.S. Census Project has passed the halfway point! Over 75 million names indexed!

Twitter and NASCAR. Can you imagine the tweetstream? “Turned left.” “Turned left.” “Turned left.” Of course, you’re not supposed to text and drive. Good morning, Internet…

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