Google, Opera, Ancestry, Topo Maps, More: Morning Buzz, June 19, 2012

Google is now featuring Hot Searches in its Google Trends product. And my brain keeps adding: “Wocka Chicka Bow Wow”.

The Library of Congress is getting Carol Highsmith images. “The Library of Congress is acquiring 4,000 digital images documenting present-day California from distinguished photographer Carol M. Highsmith, who is traveling throughout the Golden State…. The collection will provide a valuable visual portrait of California at the beginning of the 21st century and will be given to the Library copyright-free.”

Genealogy goodies: is making its 1812 collection free for the month of June.

Unreadable to me, but nice: “Archive of Ancient Greek and Latin inscriptions from Upper Macedonia, Aegean Thrace and Achai” — “This collection of epigraphic texts represents part of the epigraphic archives of the Institute for Greek and Roman Antiquity (KERA), which were progressively constituted since 1980 with permission and in collaboration with the corresponding Department of Antiquities of the direction of Antiquities of the Greek Ministry of Culture, to promote the systematic study and scientific exploitation of epigraphic texts as primary sources for the history, institutions, language, religion and culture of specific Greek regions in Greek and Roman Antiquity.”

Apparently National Maps has added a ton of topo maps. (Arizona Geology is a great blog btw.)

I don’t use it like I did back in the day, but I still love it: Opera has hit version 12.

I have mentioned this before, want to mention it again now that it has officially launched: the Black Gotham Archive. Congratulations to Carla Peterson for the new Web site. Good morning, Internet..

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