Pearl, Gale, Mozilla, Arkansas, More: Evening Buzz, June 19, 2012

Online expert site has launched. “, the world’s largest source of professionals online, launched today to provide people with easy access to 10,000 independent, verified professionals in 700 specialties for one-on-one answers to just about any question or concern.” In a balanced universe the world’s largest source of mad scientists online would be at

Also new in the online tool universe: DuoLingo. “Language translation is at the core of Duolingo’s educational service. For example, if a native English speaker seeks to learn Spanish, Duolingo will start by giving the user a level-appropriate Spanish sentence from a Spanish website to translate, along with relevant lessons and education examples. Users then have the opportunity to vote on the quality of other user translations – ensuring the most accurate translation, all while helping the user better understand the language.” Here’s more from WebProNews.

Mozilla has announced a new tool for making Web pages: Thimble. A good visual HTML editor always comes in handy; look forward to trying this.

Now available: a database of complaints against credit card companies. Expect that one to grow like Topsy.

Google has provided an update to its transparency report, specifically to how often governments are requesting that information be removed.

The Arkansas Democrat-Gazette is touting what it describes as an “augmented reality newspaper.” “By downloading the free Arkansas Democrat-Gazette PLUS app on a mobile device, readers can scan photos and advertisements featuring the PLUS logo and watch compelling interactive content spring to life overtop the printed page.” The video was kind of interesting but how does this differ from QR codes?

Gale has announced a new online education program for public library patrons. “The ed2go for public libraries program, developed as a result of Cengage Learning’s unique position within the library, classroom and adult learning markets, will offer patrons access to hundreds of instructor-led online courses covering everything from health and wellness to digital photography, computer programming, GED test preparation and much more.” Good evening, Internet…

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