MyHeritage, Bing, Instagram, More: Morning Buzz, June 28, 2012

MyHeritage has released a new genealogy search engine. From the press release: “Packed with the industry’s most international source of historical content and family trees, SuperSearch ( is capable of searching billions of records within seconds.”

Bing has announced a big map update: “Bing Maps today features a full 165 terabytes worth of new data that spans about 1 million square miles. What’s maybe even more interesting, though, is that the Bing Imagery Technologies group completed its mission to cover 100% of the U.S. with aerial photography in June and that the company expects to hit the same 100% milestone for Europe this fall.”

Instagram has a new Explore feature. Some beautiful photographs here.

Government Web site has been relaunched. ”

Not just meta-flight search, but meta-meta search? “ revealed a new meta-meta search engine today that allows consumers to quickly compare prices from 16 metasearch engines including Google flights, Kayak,, Hipmunk, Bing, Momondo, Mobissimo, Skyscanner, Tripadvisor, Travelgrove, Easyvoyage, Liligo and more.”

So Google is offering a course in Power Searching. Think I should take it?

OMG! O’Reilly published a book on Dwarf Fortress. Good morning, Internet…

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