Twitter, Yahoo,, NASA, More: Morning Buzz, July 1, 2012

Twitter has ended its tweet-sharing-dealie with LinkedIn. I don’t think this’ll matter too much to Twitter, but it’s not going to be good for LinkedIn.

Yahoo Mail is apparently having a problem with a spam surge. This is a was a short story from TechCrunch; they don’t have a response from Yahoo yet…

Free access to through 2 July! You’ve still got a couple of days…

Ars Technica has a roundup of Google I/O. PS: You can have as many skydivers as you can fit on a roof, but I still don’t want Google Glass anywhere near my face until it’s had about ten years of user testing. PPS: And get off my lawn.

Apple is futzing with its App Store algorithm. If there’s one way that Apple has driven me bonkers for years and years, it’s with the way its search works on iTunes, and this is no exception. So Apple has adjusted how much weight keywords get when someone runs a search. Big honking deal. How come I still can’t list app search results by customer review? Or number of purchases? Or by last date updated? There are over 800,000 apps in the app store right now and they’re getting clumsier and clumsier to search because of the lack of options. And if by some chance these options ARE available and I’ve just missed them, please, someone, enlighten me….

OnlinePhD has a cute slideshow on getting your PhD in Googling. I think I have a Phfffft in Googling.

Five Jerusalem libraries are working together to put ancient Arab manuscripts online. “The project was sponsored and initiated by the European Union and will showcase collections of thousands of ancient Arab language documents, manuscripts and books from five Arab libraries in Jerusalem’s Old City, The Jerusalem Post said Tuesday.”

I love nerding out with NASA. It has a new game available: “Build It Yourself: Satellite!”
“The game has players choose what science their satellite will study, and then decide what wavelengths, instruments, and optics will help them to learn the most about the science they chose.” Good morning, Internet…

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  1. Curious to see your thoughts about Twitter/LinkedIn. My first thought was to quit Twitter, not LinkedIn, Twitter has no long term value to me but LinkedIn is becoming crucial for networking with larger stakeholder groups. These things just don’t exist in Twitter, it’s just individuals.

  2. Hi Rich,

    I think that both Twitter and LinkedIn suffer from usability problems. I find Twitter hard to cultivate as an information source unless I sit on top of it and monitor it constantly (which I do not have time to do.) LinkedIn offers some amazing communities and I have been very fortunate to get some great questions asked there, but it to can be difficult to navigate and keep up with. (And the password leak was a bit of a bummer.)

    Twitter is more potentially useful to me, LinkedIn is more immediately useful.


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