Creative Commons, Twitter, Google, Wisconsin, More: Morning Buzz, July 4, 2012

Creative Commons wants YOU… to get involved with the School of Open.

The National Weather Service has started a wireless emergency alerts program. Unfortunately it’s not iPhone compatible at the moment (that is coming this fall.) Personally I have an iPhone app called “Weather Alert USA”. It’s not the cheapest app ever but it’s great for keeping me in the loop on emergency thunderstorm alerts (which we have a lot of around here in the summer.)

I think sometimes that you could have a blog just for posting unusual ways of using Twitter. The latest comes from Utah, and is about posting GIS-related jobs. It seems to me, watching all these unusual ways, is that Twitter lacks a way for community aggregation and cultivation of all these small blips of data into larger, related gardens of information. Have I mentioned lately how much I miss ListiMonkey? I just find it really tough to monitor Twitter, which is infuriating because of how much great data passes through it.

Speaking of Twitter, it now has its own Transparency Report.

Interesting article from UCSD: “Hunting Drones with Google Maps”.

Also Google Maps: they’re going indoors in the UK.

The Wisconsin DNR has set up a new outdoor activity database. “The Explore Outdoors online database allows people to search millions of acres of public land by county, proximity to a city or by activity, from kayaking to hunting.”

A new road safety database? “A new road safety database is being developed for Latin America and Caribbean countries. The database forms part of a policy for the development of effective, evidence-based road safety plans.” (The World Highways blog looks deliciously geeky.)

The advertising wonk in me just joined hands with the Internet wonk and they’re doing a little happy dance after reading this article: “An online database of political ad spending will go live sooner rather than later: A federal rule posted today says television stations in the country’s top 50 markets have until Aug. 2 to put information online about their political ad sales.”

Google is geting rid of a bunch of properties. The only one I really used at this point was Google Video, which has a decent amount of stuff and which is easier to search than YouTube (because YouTube gets so so so many uploads, and Google Video hasn’t accepted uploads in almost three years.) Good morning, Internet, and Happy July 4 for those of you in the US.

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