Google, Flickr, Exalead, More: Morning Buzz, July 5, 2012

Hey, have you seen Flickr’s new maps?

If you did not get enough July 4 yesterday, here’s a roundup of sites for researching Revolutionary War genealogy.

And in our d’awwwwww department: Using Google Hangout as a puppy cam.

Wired takes a long look at Google Compute Engine.

Also Google: a crisis map of the 2012 US wildfire season.

Snarkariffic from TechCrunch: Remember When Google Was A Search Engine?. Just barely, hon. And speaking as someone who’s been watching all this silliness since 1994, Google is going down the same road as AltaVista, only with better special effects. What may save it is the fact that AltaVista only had eggs in a few baskets. Google: lots of eggs, lots of baskets, lots of money, probably too big and too critical to the social and actual infrastructure of the Internet to fail. That doesn’t mean that it can’t diminish. That having been said, I’m thrilled that Google does things that end up being huge failures. What’s the point of having a market cap of over 190 billion dollars if you don’t have the pinwheels to occasionally try ridiculous stuff? It’s the overfocus on advertising, and the cramming of ads into search results, that I object to…

Oooh! Stephen Arnold looks at Exalead two years after the sale. Strangely, this made me think, “I wonder what happened to Northern Light?” and then I got all depressed…

Useful too: find and sort Gmail e-mails by file size. You have to let an external resource access your account, which makes me rather skeevy, but you could change your password right afterwards. Good morning, Internet…

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