Google, Gaga, Arkansas, Fonts, More: Morning Buzz, July 10, 2012

The NOAA is having a Twitter chat on Wednesday. This, according to the press release, is a “Climate Chat.”

Lady Gaga’s “Little Monsters” social network is now open to everyone. Mah-mah-mah-poker face mah-mah poker face. (Mah mah mah mah.)

Florida’s CPA license information is headed to a national database.

Google’s next earnings call? July 19th.

More Google: it has open-sourced its Collide tool.

And for more coding goodness, check out the announcement of the Fusion Tables API.

Crowdsourcing the voiceover: VoiceBunny is out of beta.

Heeyyyyy! The Open Font Library has a new version!

The state of Arkansas has gotten into transparency with the launch of

The Newspapers of Connecticut Collection has five new titles.

Wow! Check out this amazing picture of Mars. Good morning, Internet…

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