Census, Google, Dropbox, Twitter, More: Morning Buzz, July 11, 2012

Those 1940 US Census Community Project volunteers are indexing rock stars! “Aiming to propel volunteer contributions past the previous high of nearly 4.9 million records set April 30, the challenge motivated more than 46,000 volunteers to index 10.3 million records in a single 24-hour period that began July 1 at 6:00 p.m. (MDT) — more than twice the previous record.”

Google has added more than 20 US museums to its indoor map collection.

Twitter has updated its mobile apps.

Coming soon: a new database collecting studies of nervous system repair. “Tentatively called RegenBase – for Regeneration Database – the proposed knowledge-based system will incorporate and build on the BioAssay Ontology that Schürer, Lemmon and their team of UM programmers and computer scientists developed with a federal stimulus grant to enable chemists and biologists on the hunt for new therapeutic agents to quickly search repositories of thousands of experiments on hundreds of thousands of small-molecule compounds.”

The state of Utah Web site now has a registered notary search.

Wow, this idea has been kicked around for ages. Is it going to happen? “After years of rejecting the idea, the Pentagon is now considering the creation of a publicly accessible database of military valor awards as a way to deter military fakers.”

Google to pay FTC over $22 million? It may be a record fine but it’s still couch cushion money to GOOG.

Pay for Dropbox? You’re getting goodies. Dropbox has announced that prices are staying the same but you get double the storage. Hmm. Might have to start paying for Dropbox. Good morning, Internet…

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