Google, Tennessee, Kickstarter, More: Morning Buzz, July 12, 2012

Now, that is what I call a specific Web site. “Propelled by a small grant, MTSU archivists are gathering recordings, sheet music and songbooks to create an interactive website titled ‘”My Homeland”: A Research Guide to Songs About Tennessee.'”

Proposed: an online database of Congressional Research Reports. “If H. Res. 727 passes, the agency would join the Government Accountability Office as a major source of online information about public matters. The resolution would direct the clerk of the House to provide members of the public with Internet access to nonconfidential CRS publications.” What gets me is why we haven’t done this already. It’s 2012.

Google Maps for Africa now has walking directions for 44 countries.

TIME has an article about a search engine for vacation home rentals.

A Kickstarter for academic research? Erm, why can’t Kickstarter be a Kickstarter for academic research?

Hat tip to the State Library of Queensland for the pointer to “Design Online creates a shared environment for the design community to come together in the creation of new knowledge centred around design in the Asia Pacific.”

US readers, if you’re having July 4 nostalgia, check out this great collection of fireworks photos. Good morning, Internet…

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