Yahoo, Genealogy, Calculus, Digg, More: Morning Buzz, July 13, 2012

The latest big name hack? Yahoo. “Hackers posted what appear to be login credentials for more than 453,000 user accounts that they said they retrieved in plaintext from an unidentified service on Yahoo.” (Plaintext?) Here’s a tool to see if your e-mail account was part of the leak.

Also Yahoo: an overview of the 2012 annual meeting, in lovely snark flavor. (BONUS: cat picture.)

Trees n’ stuff: there’s a new online database of woodland areas
in Gloucestershire (UK).

Google Finance has expanded its European coverage.

Another great find from Dick Eastman: a new site devoted to cataloging links to free genealogy books. “The site now contains more than 30,000 links from more than 35 sources (only the top sources are listed on the site).”

Coming soon: The Kalamazoo Gazette digital archive.

Digg got bought? Digg got bought for a lousy 500 grand? WOW.

Hmm. Free online calculus course? Might have to check it out. Good morning, Internet, and happy Friday the 13th….

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