Firefox, Idaho, Gardens, Facebook, More: Morning Buzz, July 18, 2012

Barnes & Noble has announced NOOK for Web: “… an innovative and free new browser experience that offers readers the ability to explore the hottest digital titles and bestselling books right from their computer – no sign-in, software download or NOOK account required to begin reading…. Beginning today, Barnes & Noble is offering six bestselling NOOK Books in their entirety at no charge for readers to try NOOK’s award-winning digital reading experience online.” (Can you tell that’s a press release?)

Firefox 14 is now available. Is it just me or are these releases coming out a lot faster?

USA TODAY wants to point you to the best webisodes and video podcasts with the launch of “TV On the Web”. But isn’t it just, you know, video on the Web? I thought the point was it wasn’t TV content. Oh well.

The state of Idaho has announced a new trademark registration system. “Applicants need to: submit a digital file of the new mark in .gif, .jpg, or .png format up to one megabyte in size; be able to describe the mark being registered and how it will be used; and pay by credit or debit card if the mark is approved.”

The Library of Congress has uploaded a bunch of vintage gardening images on Flickr. Lovely!

So the state of Washington is going to allow voter registration via Facebook. Considering the massive privacy missteps that Facebook has made in the past, and how it uses information from its members to fuel advertising (your friend likes X, you see an ad for X with the notation that your friend likes it), this just makes me twitchy. Good morning, Internet…

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