Theatre, New Search Engines, Maps, Real-Time Subtitle Translation, More: Morning Buzz, July 24, 2012

Birmingham Rep is getting a digital archive: “The REP 100 website – – will contain more than 3,000 records of The REP’s historic productions – including photographs, letters, documents and other fascinating ephemera from its history and will be made available to the public, many for the first time, next year.”

From TechCrunch: “Ohloh Wants to Fill the Gap Left by Google Code Search”: “Besides code search, Ohloh features an exhaustive directory of open source projects, complete with statistics on how often the projects are updated.”

VentureBeat has an article about a new social search engine: Bottlenose. Going to try to give a text drive next week.

The Census Bureau has launched a new database on HIV/AIDS statistics. “The database was developed in 1987 and now holds 149,000 statistics, an increase of approximately 10,800 new estimates in the last year, making it the most complete of its kind in the world.”

An e-mail based diary that prompts you with questions and then uses AI to generate more and more specific questions over time? MyFutureSelf sounds like a really interesting tool.

Google has announced lots more detailed maps: “And today, we’re launching updated maps of Croatia, Czech Republic, Greece, Ireland, Italy, Lesotho, Macau, Portugal, San Marino, Singapore and Vatican City…”

Nifty article from UberGizmo — real time subtitle translation. Apparently inspired by Google Glass, but using Microsoft’s translation APIs. Just saying.

Speaking of Google, have you heard about the new face blurring tool on YouTube?

The Internet Archive gives an update on its music collections. I think I’m going to be spending a lot of time in the DNA Lounge archives… good morning, Internet…

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