Twitter, Google, Civil Rights, More: Morning Buzz, August 2, 2012

Wow: a database of every US Bomb dropped since WWI. “The project is called THOR: Theater History of Operations Reports and allows people to use their computers to literally point and click to nearly any location on the globe and receive a near-instantaneous assessment of when and where U.S. bombs were dropped over the past century.”

I could start an entire blog to track Twitter’s uses for research. Latest example: Teaching computers to find tweets about bullying. “Sufficiently trained, the computer went to work on samples of the 250 million publicly visible messages posted on Twitter on a daily basis. It wasn’t long before the machine learning approach was identifying more than 15,000 bullying-related tweets per day.”

Google Presentations has added over 450 new fonts.

Microsoft is previewing a successor to Hotmail. Apparently Hotmail isn’t a cool e-mail address to have. On the other hand, when I see, I think of Outlook Express, and all the security problems it used to have, and I get all twitchy….

Archive of interviews done by Robert Penn Warren now available: “… in 1964, Warren .. traveled the country with an old reel-to-reel tape recorder and spoke with dozens of men and women involved in the Civil Rights Movement…. Now, digitized versions of all of Warren’s recordings are available through Vanderbilt University’s website.”

YouTube gets an investigative news channel? Maybe they’ll do a story on why I can’t stop watching the video of the chicken playing fetch. Good morning, Internet…

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