Yahoo, Google, California, the FBI: Morning Buzz, August 13, 2012

Mayer has banned the “What is Yahoo?” question. Reading this article I realized something: Yahoo is the Burger King of search. McDonald’s = cheap and fast. Wendy’s = Quality burgers for adults. Hardee’s = Quirkier advertising and quirkier food (in a good way; I love me a Hardee’s turkey burger.) Burger King = ?

A new tool for tracking greenhouse gas emissions on California: “The map shows the locations and greenhouse gas emissions of about 625 facilities — the largest industrial greenhouse gas emitters in the state. The graphical tool can filter by type of facility (cement plant, refinery, electricity generation), by county or air district.”

Google Spreadsheets finally have protected cells. #whew #abouttime

More Google: it will start penalizing sites based on how many copyright removal notices it has received. Sooooo… I won’t be seeing YouTube results anywhere near the top of my search results anymore, right? Right?

Even More Google: it can now translate from text in images? Nice.

More More More Google: the Google Finance blog has folded.

The FBI has a warning about some new drive-by malware. Good morning, Internet…

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  1. About the FBI warning:
    I help so many people, both with Mac PCs and Windows PCs, I wanted to know more details (and how to remove it) about this particular malware. The FBI site doesn’t have anything more than what I’ve read already. “Contact a computer professional to remove Reveton and Citadel from your computer.” doesn’t cut it–I *am* the computer professional…

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