Large Archive of Boating and Repair and Maintenence Now Available

The Boat Owners Association of the United States (BoatUS) has announced a revamp of its BoatTech resource, a free archive of boating maintenence and repair information. It’s available at


The information is searchable but several categories are listed on the front page, from “Anchoring and Docking” to “Hull Maintenance and Repair” to “Winterizing.” I did a search for propeller and got over 2000 results, but they were from all over the BoatUS site. I did a revised search, this time for propeller BoatTech, and this time got better results more oriented to repairs and maintenence.

I don’t know from boating so I can’t tell you what the Sacrificial Anodes article was about completely, but I can say all the articles I looked at were extensive and included many photographs as well as the occasional oddly-philosophical sentence. (“We all know rust, but to understand rust, we have to go back to the very beginning.”) One thing I did not see were many videos embedded in the articles. Maybe I used the wrong search term.

There is a simple mechanism for sharing articles but no way to leave comments that I found, or embed the article itself. Tons of information.

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