Japan, Google Hangouts, Politics, Mugshots, More: Morning Buzz, August 24, 2012

LexNex legal books have gone Kindle. I would feel very nervous paying north of $300 for a digital book.

Japan is planning to create an online database with information about its public and private universities. Earliest we’ll see it is 2014, however.

FluentFlix is a new platform for learning Chinese — looks exciting! Sadly it’s closed beta.

iConstituent is offering a free webinar to show how government agencies can use Google+ Hangouts to reach citizens. I’m tempted to attend, though I am not a government agency.

How Google Crunches Data. I think with these numbers we’ve gone beyond crunch. I think we’re at pulverize.

Holy cow, even the Xbox is getting an election hub. “Through this innovative platform, U.S.-based Xbox LIVE1 members — part of a large, diverse and actively engaged audience of more than 40 million members worldwide — will be able to interact in real time throughout the three scheduled presidential debates, as well as enjoy live feeds from the Republican and Democratic national conventions.”

Tyne & Wear Archives & Museums has posted a bunch of 1930s mug shots to Flickr. Bad guys, nice hats. By the way, Tyne & Wear has a lot worth looking at on its Flickr page. Good morning, Internet..

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