Ubuntu, Facebook, Google+, 1940 Census, More: Morning Buzz, August 29, 2012

Ubuntu 12.04.1 has been released! Congrats Ubuntu.

Firefox 15 launches today! In the meantime PC World is already talking about security enhancements beginning with Firefox 17.

Malware harvesting Facebook and sending out spam: details at

Wow! text-mining to compare 18th and 19th century works of literature. Please tell me there’s a punk band out there somewhere named Melville Cluster.

Google+ Hangouts: how to use them for small business.

The Australian government has created a new Web site to gather and present statistics about Australians and music: (I guess all the arts will be covered eventually?)

The Huffington Post. Now with Labs?

Analyzing the lean in swing state tweets. (Say that three times fast.) I find this kind of analysis interesting, but do you really think it’ll be useful for a topic this manjor and contested? I can imagine legions of Twitter drones trying to game these stats.

The free full version of the 1940 census has officially launched! Five months, 160,000 volunteers — how awesome is that?

An archive of packaging and design for 80s (home) video games. Wow. OH THE NOSTALGIA, check it out here. Good morning, Internet…

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