Java, Craigslist, Google, Rhode Island, Twitter, More: Morning Buzz, August 30, 2012

Argh. Java. It’s a security nightmare. Check out this Krebs article for an overview and a tool to make sure you’ve properly disabled Java in your browser. (You have disabled Java in your browser, right?) has released a new version of its iOS app.

Craigslist teams up with OpenStreetMap.

Ooo, I like the idea of an independent genealogy Q&A site.

Google’s BigQuery now has an Excel connector, which is putting some weird pictures in my head.

Now available: a tool for finding after-school activities in Rhode Island. (Over 200 of ’em.)

Charleston Naval Shipyard newsletters back to 1942 to be digitized and made available online.

Twitter now has a Certified Products Program. And.. oh look! The two products I use Twitter with the most, and like the most, are not on here! Boo!

Nice! School librarians, using Pinterest to help with bulletin board anxiety. Great examples here. Good morning, Internet…

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