Ancestry, Java, Facebook, More: Morning Buzz, August 31, 2012

Ancestry is having a free census access weekend, now through 3 September.

Oracle has released an off-schedule update for Java: details here. “The patch comes amid revelations that Oracle was notified in April about this vulnerability and a number other other potentially unpatched Java flaws.”

Ooo! A Google search trick for scoring free audio books.

Yet more malware spreading via Facebook: skinny here.

Google has integrated Google+ Hangouts scheduling more tightly with Google calendar.

Bing has added a feature to search through friends’ Facebook photos.

More search engines and Facebook: WolframAlpha has launched a tool that performs analytics on your Facebook data.

A look at Walmart’s new search technology. “A product’s presence on Facebook—-how many ‘Likes’ it has, for example–is part of what determines at what spot it shows up in a search result queue.” WOW. Good morning, Internet…

Categories: morningbuzz

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