Java, Digital Textbooks, NLM, Genealogy, Rabid Grannies, More: Morning Buzz, September 1, 2012

So remember that Java patch that came out? Um, yeah. Critical security vulnerability discovered and sent to Oracle within 24 hours of release. Good grief.

The state of California has passed two bills to make an open source digital library of college textbooks. “The California State Senate today passed two bills, SB 1052 and SB 1053, designed to provide students at public postsecondary institutions with access to free digital textbooks for popular lower-division courses and to open source the curriculum to facility members.”

New search engine Resultly is coming to public beta in a few weeks. It describes itself as monitoring the streaming Web. Details at Forbes.

The National Library of Medicine has launched a new genetics education site for grades 9-12. “Teachers can use the site to introduce topics, supplement existing materials, and provide as a reliable source to students conducting research. The site links to categories such as research articles, animation, games, videos, interactive tutorials, and labs and experiments.”

Google Maps has done a roundup of its August updates. Lot of stuff got done! has added a bunch of new genealogy records. (Including WWI draft cards and genealogical society materials.)

Troma Entertainment has released 150 movies for free on YouTube. Troma is B-movie goodness. Movies released include Zombie Werewolves Attack!, Rabid Grannies, and Croaked : Frog Monster From Hell.

And in the “dream big” department, the Guinness World Record for largest cow-bell ensemble has been broken. Good morning, Internet.

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