Paralympics, Airplanes, Bacon Ipsum: Short Labor Day Buzz, September 3, 2012

The 2012 Paralympics are live on YouTube.

Thanks to Hacker News for the pointer to this cool live flight tracking site: Astonishing!

Speaking of airplanes, does the TSA really need NINETEEN Twitter accounts? Yikes.

DNC announces livestreaming plans: “From gavel-to-gavel, the entire Convention will be livestreamed on and through the Democratic National Convention Committee Mobile App, connecting viewers in every corner of the country with Convention delegates and speakers in real time.” Considering what Barak Obama’s appearance on Reddit did to THAT site, if they can keep the stream live and going for the whole convention, I will be (speaking as a technician, not as reflection on the politics) impressed.

Tired of boring old Lorem Ipsum? Try a new one from this roundup of dummy Ipsum generators. Good afternoon, Internet…

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