The People of Medieval Scotland Catalogs Over 20,000 People

Hat tip to for the article about The People of Medieval Scotland, a new site that catalogs people — the Web site describes them as “all known people of Scotland” — in documents dated from 1093 to 1314. It’s available at

People of Medieval Scotland

You can search the database by factoids, sources, places, or people. You can also adjust the date range for your search. I did a search for Campbell and got
15 results, from Arthur Campbell, knight (father of Arthur) to Thomas Campbell, knight. The names are clickable; doing so takes you to a small preview window. Clicking that takes you to a list of “factoids” where that person is mentioned, divided into tabs.

For example, you might look at Patrick the Archer and review his mention in three associated factoids, including what looks like the transfer of his lands to someone else: “King Edward [I] establishes to Robert [de Keldsik], abbot of Holm Cultram, land worth 300 marks yearly, namely in Grieston, the lands of the late Robert de Ros of Wark, a rebel; in Scotland, the lands of Richard of Glen, Patrick the Archer…”

I said “what looks like,” because this is a very academically-oriented database and I’m not up on my Scotland history. An “Information” tab on the site has an excellent FAQ, with pointers to a glossary, a timeline of this period in Scotland, royal family trees, and some educational resources. There’s an “interactive labs” section for schools which unfortunately I could not access despite using Chrome (one of the supported browsers.)

Open the glossary in one tab and have a browse. And I hope you have more luck with the labs than I did.

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