Firefox, Google, WordPress, Ubuntu, More: Morning Buzz, September 7, 2012

After reading this article on Gopher I had an attack of Gopher Nostalgia so I went to see if there’s a list of Gophers out there somewhere. Oh my goodness there is!

Wow, Firefox 16 already out in beta?

Scoble sings a paean to Facebook lists… now if they only had RSS feeds…. sigh…

Google Spreadsheets now has discussions.

The earliest (as in 1862) Irish Church Directory is now available online. Hat tip GeneaNet.

Twitter’s new API will no longer support RSS? AW C’MON TWITTER!

Meanwhile in Montreal, mining social media through natural language processing. What fun!

Mozilla has published a draft of add-on guidelines for Firefox and is looking for feedback. (Hat tip: Nancy!)

WordPress has a new maintenence and security release.

Aaaaaand Ubuntu 12.10 beta 1 has been released! I’m just going to call it QQ, unless I want to continuously cut and paste Quantal Quetzal. Good morning, Internet…

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