E-Mail, Peace Corps, Google, Lebanon, Grandma, More: Afternoon Buzz, September 8, 2012

Restrict your e-mail delivery to only certain times of day with Kukoo.

The Department of Defense has released a new tool that provides radiation dose estimates following the Japan earthquake. “DoD-affiliated members who were in Japan during the nuclear reactor crisis, medical providers, and the public at large will be able to download location-based radiation dose estimate reports from the website. These reports include medical interpretations and provide comparisons of the Operation Tomodachi radiation doses with more commonly experienced radiation doses.”

The Peace Corps is now accepting online applications:

A is for Amazon: A look at Google’s autocomplete alphabet.

Wow! An inside look at how Google builds its maps.

Lebanon has launched a database of censorship cases since the 1940s.

There’s a new version of WordPress available, which includes security updates. Details here.

The Kindle Fire’s default search engine is going to be… Bing?

And because it’s Saturday: Useful. Good afternoon, Internet…

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  1. Thank you for adding the online Peace Corps application site!

    Janice Flahiff
    Returned Peace Corps Volunteer
    Liberia, West Africa 1980-81 (before the Internet!)

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