Firefox, Bing, Twitter, Ancestry, Lots More: Evening Buzz, September 12, 2012

Firefox 15 had a private browsing bug, but it’s been fixed.

Mystery Google device appears in Iowa. Sounds like a TV movie plot.

Please Don’t Stalk Me lets you change the location data in your tweets. Yeah, like that won’t be used for all kinds of chaos.

Larry Ferlazzo has started a list for resources on the Chicago Teacher’s Strike.

A big overview of recent collection changes at

There’s a new database for nonprofits in North Florida.

The EPA has revealed an online map tool for finding sites in California with renewable energy potential.

I like the idea of something that takes all the “nonsense” out of my social feeds. Not sure I believe it. But I like the idea.

Wow! 18 Gmail productivity plugins. I’ve only tried a few of these.

Speaking of Google, it’s launched a new YouTube app for iOS.

Have you tried the new SBA SizeUp tool? “SizeUp provides data analysis in three key ways: Benchmarking an existing business to see how it sizes up by comparing performance to all other competitors in the same industry; Mapping competition to see where competitors, customers, and suppliers are located; and Finding the best places to advertise by choosing from pre-set reports to discover areas with the highest industry revenue and the most underserved markets. Custom demographic reports can also be created.”

Is Facebook getting into search? Be ridiculous if they didn’t. Maybe they’ll buy Bing. Good evening, Internet…

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