Google, Georgia, Quora, More: Morning Buzz, September 14, 2012

Hat tip to Michael M for the awful news that Georgia is closing its State Archives to the general public. Just wrong.

So Apple is closing down Ping, the social network built around iTunes. I never used it. I didn’t want to get that public with how much disco music I listen to.

Google is now offering “Bacon Numbers”, the degree from which Kevin Bacon is separated from actors and other movie entities. Greta Garbo’s Bacon Number is 3. As is Marie Dressler’s. As is Laurie Anderson’s. As is Clara Peller’s. On the other hand, Frank Zappa has a Bacon Number of 2. Just saying.

Possibly more useful: Google has launched an open source course builder. I hope Web hosts start hosting iterations of this if at all possible (like some hosts have Moodle).

Google is offering another round of classes on power searching.

Quora has added trending topics.

Hmm, giving Facebook Pages the ability to chat. Except as someone notes, you can’t chat as the page.

Y’all seemed to like ’em the last time I mentioned ’em, so here are some more vintage library and reading ads. Good morning, Internet…

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